we need an emergency fake dash in case any of our relatives suddenly demand to see what we do on tumblr

like you log in with the password “parent alert” and it takes you to a dash that’s just the wisdom of confucius and new yorkers dissing olive garden

we should have that

Password: parentalert
Username: helpsomeonescoming
Use it well. Lets blast it so everyone can use it. Good luck.

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Great -.-

So last night my dad called me.. which straight away i knew something was wrong because he never calls me. he started off asking me how i am and just havign small talk. Finally he was like “so i have some bad news” my immeditate response.

"who died"

no no dad says not that bad…

"so Jan and I are getting a divorce"


why. just fucking why!

because im a nice person mt response is  ”as long as it makes you happy i support your choice”

when really i wanted to say was “YOU CHEATING LYING MOTHER FUCKER!” because i knew that was what had happened, he has been seeing a lady named Leanne (also known ans slutfaceleanne) from the shooting range he goes to. 

Know i have been through a lot of seperations in my life, my parents were never married, and they were broken up when i was the age of 3. so i never knew a life having my parents together. My mum soon found a man named Andrew and when i was nine they had my little brother. When i was 16 they split up.

My dad on the other hand was with my step mum Jan since i can remember. And were married on November 11 2000.

i remember their engagment party

and their beautiful water front wedding

in the early 2000’s they found out they couldnt have kids. Jan was to old. being almost 21 years older than my dad, and already having children (who are my dads age) so they decided to Foster. i remember lots of children coming and going, but finally they found the Pierce family. My little sister maddy who is now 13 we have had her whole life. my little brother josh now 16 we have had since he was 4, and my little sister alicia turning 18 this december since she was 6. These children ARE their children, they raised them, they took them in, and after a few years adopted them and gave them he Burke name.

And now, that family is being seperated THIS is what is bringing me down the most. im a grown adult who has been through seperations. but these kids who have gone through so much torture in their life now have to go through this.

The 3 kids will live with Jan and my dad will take Zach the newest foster child. i want to scream! i want to punch him so hard. and mostly i just want to run up there and take the kids. i hate this.


Someone did it. Someone finally portrayed me perfectly in a single 6 second video.


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New Girl Masterpost (Season 1)


Click to watch. To download, once at the watch screen click the download arrow in the upper-left corner, then click “Download anyway”.

1x01 - Pilot
1x02 - Kryptonite
1x03 - Wedding
1x04 - Naked
1x05 - Cece Crashes
1x06 - Thanksgiving
1x07 - Bells
1x08 - Bad in Bed